Betting on American football: manual on how to profit

However in every field it is important to study, develop and analyze to succeed, inexperienced gamesters can also use the common tips on how to make the process easier and more profitable too. Let’s puzzle out what exactly to pay attention to in American football.

The key-recommendations: bets on American football

Not to talk in circles, let’s go to the tips, useful in American football gambling:

  • make a bank management;
    Always have a simple bank management system. It would be necessary to decide beforehand what percentages to set.
  • put limits;
    Never put in play more than 15% of the bank simultaneously, and never bet more than 1.5% of the bank in the same bet.
  • think thoroughly;
    If you lose a bet, do not go crazy trying to recover it, this is where most people fail, it is convenient to take some time off if you see that things are not going well. Psychology is a key point in American football gambling.
  • choose the bookmaker with attention;
    Although these first four points are more generic, and are valid for any sport, now we are going to go more into American football. There are two big markets, NFL and NCAAF. The first and best known has for me an extra difficulty. It is a very controlled league, with a lot of information where the lines established by the bookmakers are nailed, that is, they usually have no errors. It may be good to specialize in a couple of conferences that are not well known, this way you will find a lot of interesting things throughout the season.
  • admit lines;
    Print a sheet with the games and hide the lines. Try to generate your own lines, not seductively offered by bookmakers. Once you have examined all the American football games, go to that list and from there review what you like the most and pass it to bets for the next week.
  • focus on ddds;
    It is of high importance to look at the indexes, here the lines and the odds. If you see that a line of -7 goes to -14, find the reason why. After the analytical work is done, decide if it still has value, and if it is still worth betting.
  • study injuries and sanctions;
    It is essential to be aware of the injuries and suspensions of the players, when they return, in what shape they are, if they are going to play, will they play with injuries or not, how can this affect the result, etc. There are many sources that offer the information for free. You should have a couple in your favorites.
  • keep an eye on news and forums.
    As in the previous point it’s important to be aware of news of the teams and fan forums. In training camp season it’s very useful to read in forums about the other opinions, analyses and predictions.

How to be successful in betting on American football finally?

Indeed, just try to feel the game and understand the scheme of the American football game. Be confident, study a lot, analyze and profit.